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Study Uncovers Fat in “Lean Gene” Myth

Glance at any magazine rack at the grocery store checkout and you will likely encounter countless perfectly defined celebrity bodies. If you’re like me, you stare at these hard bodies in open-mouthed awe as the conveyer belt carries your food to the clerk. While many doctors and media images would […]


Student Support Ensures ESS Restoration

University of California, Santa Barbara Dean of Social Sciences Melvin Oliver recently confirmed that the Exercise and Sports Science Dept. will continue offering classes through the upcoming 2011-12 academic year. The department allotted the program roughly half of its budget this year to continue offering classes on health, wellness and […]

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Sleep In, Get Thin: Melatonin’s Effect On the Metabolism

A series of recent discoveries in Spain suggests that melatonin, the naturally occurring hormone found in animals that is the primary regulator of the sleep cycle, may prevent weight gain and other health complications.

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A Glass a Day May Keep Doctor Away

Researchers in France have discovered that resveratrol and polyphenols — two organic compounds commonly found in grapes — may aid in the prevention of type II diabetes.

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Brain Reacts Similarly to Unhealthy Foods and Addictive Drugs

When someone says that a certain brand of candy is as addictive as crack, they might not be as far off as one might think. In a recent study published by Yale University in the Archives of General Psychiatry, researchers monitored the brain activity of 48 young female volunteers with […]