A Graduating Editor’s Final Words

Photo courtesy of Caitlin Clancy

Let me tell you a story about a 19-year-old who came to UC Santa Barbara with a dream of being an anchorwoman. She wanted to take over for Katie Couric one day, she told her friends, who were disappointed that the girl didn’t want to be a female Stephen Colbert instead. She went to the […]

Need a Restaurant for Your Celebratory Dinner?

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Have plans for a nice celebratory meal to mark the huge milestone you have accomplished, On The Menu has compiled a list of restaurants for all your dining experiences

Parting Words from Graduating Artsweek Staff, Part 1

How to get the car through the door and other words of advice from Artsweek staff, present, past and future…

Parting Words from Graduating Artsweek Staff, Part 2

INCOMING EDITOR ‘HELLO’: AUDREY BACHELDER Dear Gauchos, I am so happy and honored to be your Artsweek Editor for the 2014-2015 year. I pledge to fill up these Thursday pages with clever stories on local bands and events, MCC performances, Hub shows and the occasional red carpet event downtown. We’ve been building up a solid […]

Parting Words with ‘Gaucho Marks’ Founder

I recently spoke to my friend Mathew Javidi about his final issue of Gaucho Marks, the UCSB satire magazine that has been going strong since he founded it three years ago.  The most recent issue is available in CCS as well as throughout I.V. and in the dorms. Artsweek: I was really impressed with the […]

Farewell from Opinion: L & T Sign Off

  When I first took my graduation gown out of its packaging, I nearly cried. I am not wearing that. No way. No. Never. ‘If you put that thing on,’ my inner voice-over warned, ‘the bubble will finally burst. College will actually end. Your job at the Nexus will officially be over. Living in a […]

Health and Wellness Columnist Toasts Graduating Gauchos

As We Take Our Last Breath As Undergrads My Fellow Graduates, When you took your first breath on Earth, you underwent a beautiful, irreversible transformation. Before, your lungs were fully immersed in fluid, but your body was now introduced to an alternate input: oxygen. You desperately respired, admitting this new substrate into your body. And […]

Regents Meeting Focuses on Ending ‘Super Senior’ Trend

Kenneth Song/Daily Nexus

The UC Board of Regents discussed graduation rates, student-faculty ratios and other university-wide issues at yesterday’s board meeting, while UC workers of the labor union AFSCME 3299 protested outside the meeting at the Sacramento Convention Center. The meeting came to a halt when 13 people protesting inside the conference room were arrested for suspicion of […]

The Real World: Ready or Not, Here It Comes, Seniors

A while ago, when I was a much wilder and uncivilized version of the gentleman scholar that I am today, I found myself stranded in Lima, Peru for two weeks. I’m not particularly sure how or why, because Lima is not by any measure a particularly interesting or beautiful city, but hey, there it is. […]

I.V. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Beach

My time as editor in chief just ended last week, and as I transition out into the squeeze of graduation and life beyond, I want to take the chance to reflect and wrap-up, perhaps offer some nuglets, per se. To start, I’d sincerely like to say: Holy shit. Sure, they probably boast it every year […]