Environmental Justice: Choosing Humanism Over Convenience

For most people, the term “environmental justice” is about as elusive as a BP representative when confronted with paying for the gulf oil spill disaster. However, the most basic definition is intuitive — it is the intersection of environmental issues and social justice. Some classic examples are of toxic waste treatment facilities that are placed […]

Go Green or Go Home

Although Earth Day is not until April, Community Housing Offices likes to be ahead of the game and celebrate Going Green during March, when wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day makes us think of going green in our rental homes. Although renters may feel that they have less of an opportunity to make changes in […]

Unplugging: Good for the Planet, Good for Your Wallet

“You look better with the lights off” — admittedly, the catchy chorus of this terrible pop song is not the most lyrically tasteful, but it may be sending just the message I’m trying to deliver. While some may argue that turning the lights off in the bedroom is an act of intimacy, I think there’s […]

Think Outside the Sink: The Danger in Careless Consumption

Save water, drink beer. As Isla Vistans, we’ve all heard the saying, but what does it really mean? Most I.V. residents would argue that this slogan advocates the copious consumption of a frothy liquid until the point of drunken debauchery, but as an environmentalist, I would argue a much different message — one of conservation […]

Link Between Sustainability and Public Discontent Proves Inextricable

The number of problems the U.S. faces today seems to be infinite. Whether you have come to this realization through opening up your CNN homepage or even the walk from the Davidson Library to the Arbor, I’m sure you have been confronted by headlines, news articles and active petitioners pining for your attention regarding issues […]