Council Meets Controversy

Associated Students Legislative Council spent the majority of last night’s meeting discussing funding for College Republicans’ proposal to bring controversial speaker David Horowitz to campus. After being denied funding for the proposed lecture at Monday’s A.S. Finance Board meeting, College Republicans requested that Legislative Council reopen the board’s minutes and allocate $1,770 for the event’s […]

Sarah Palin Stands Guilty of Incivility

Sarah Palin abused her right of free speech! She published a large U.S. map on the internet that targeted Tucson, Arizona, with a rifle cross-hair site and a circular target on the face of Congresswoman “Gabby” Giffords, who was later shot in the head in Tucson.

Shameless Pleasures Soothe Casual Sexual Encounters

Here’s a question for the men in the audience: How many times have you masturbated?

Former Editor Returns to Liberate UCSB’s Libido

Modern sexuality as we know and enjoy it is the result of — nay, an evolving process rooted in — a long history of repression.