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Club To Reappropriate Surplus Finances

The UCSB Office of Student Life recently established the After Dark Club to create non-alcoholic weekend social events for students in Isla Vista. The club receives excess funds from the university’s similarly-named After Dark Program to organize various weekend activities and curb the number of alcohol-related incidents within the community. […]

Left Said, Right Said / Opinion

Wisconsin Republican Offers Financial Resolve

Whether you were born in America or immigrated here, you live in one of the greatest societies mankind has ever devised.


Renovations Up In Air on Spring Ballot

The upcoming campus election ballot will feature a new quarterly $15 Recreation Center fee per student.

Associated Students / News

A.S. Discusses New Budget for Upcoming Year

Associated Students Legislative Council discussed next year’s Finance Board budget during last night’s four-hour meeting.

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Audit Reveals Flaws in Accessibility of UC Records

The University of California system has received a failing report card in a statewide public records transparency audit.