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Women, Gender and Sexual Equity Center Seeks Support Via Student Fee

With campus-wide elections quickly approaching, the Women, Gender and Sexual Equity Center is campaigning for a reaffirmation of their $4.25 fee per student, per quarter and hopes to receive approval for a measure increasing the fee to $8.38 per student, per quarter to support new programs and build a larger […]

2012 Daily Nexus Candidate and Fee Endorsements

2012 Daily Nexus Candidate and Fee Endorsements

After bombarding the student body with cheesy signs, flyers, blue beer and a flurry of Facebook invites, A.S. Elections are finally upon us. “Budget,” “transparency” and “involvement” are making a not-so-triumphant — nor surprising — return as the keywords in every candidate’s campaign about the same campus issues and solutions […]

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Two New Fees Make The Cut, Many Reaffirmed

Last week’s campus-wide Associated Students Spring Elections yielded two new undergraduate student fees as well as cuts to long-standing programs. Students approved a $4.24 per quarter increase to the existing Arts & Lectures fee as well as $3.00 per quarter for the newly-formed UCSB Community Financial Fund. In addition, 36 […]

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Students Reject Bulk of Fees

The results of the Spring Elections’ Campus Elections Commission ballot were released Friday, establishing one new fee and upholding five reaffirmations. Students approved a fee increase of $4.24 per quarter for Arts & Lectures by a margin of 66.98 percent, bringing total undergraduate student fees for 2011-12 to $654.40 per […]


Coastal Fund Asks for Student Support, Fees

The Coastal Fund initiative is asking for the reaffirmation of two separate lock- in fees totaling to $6.33 per undergradu- ate student per quarter in the upcoming Spring Election.