Candidates Engage Students in Q&A

Candidates for the position of Associate Students (A.S.) off-campus senator answered questions from audience members in a series of two open forums Wednesday afternoon at the Hub.

Women, Gender and Sexual Equity Center Seeks Support Via Student Fee

With campus-wide elections quickly approaching, the Women, Gender and Sexual Equity Center is campaigning for a reaffirmation of their $4.25 fee per student, per quarter and hopes to receive approval for a measure increasing the fee to $8.38 per student, per quarter to support new programs and build a larger staff. The WGSE, based in […]

2012 Daily Nexus Candidate and Fee Endorsements


After bombarding the student body with cheesy signs, flyers, blue beer and a flurry of Facebook invites, A.S. Elections are finally upon us. “Budget,” “transparency” and “involvement” are making a not-so-triumphant — nor surprising — return as the keywords in every candidate’s campaign about the same campus issues and solutions roused from the depths of […]

Two New Fees Make The Cut, Many Reaffirmed

Last week’s campus-wide Associated Students Spring Elections yielded two new undergraduate student fees as well as cuts to long-standing programs. Students approved a $4.24 per quarter increase to the existing Arts & Lectures fee as well as $3.00 per quarter for the newly-formed UCSB Community Financial Fund. In addition, 36 fees were reaffirmed. La Cumbre […]

Students Reject Bulk of Fees

The results of the Spring Elections’ Campus Elections Commission ballot were released Friday, establishing one new fee and upholding five reaffirmations. Students approved a fee increase of $4.24 per quarter for Arts & Lectures by a margin of 66.98 percent, bringing total undergraduate student fees for 2011-12 to $654.40 per student — up $28.96 from […]

Coastal Fund Asks for Student Support, Fees

The Coastal Fund initiative is asking for the reaffirmation of two separate lock- in fees totaling to $6.33 per undergradu- ate student per quarter in the upcoming Spring Election.

Council Approves Ballot

Associated Students Legislative Council approved the ballot for the student body Spring Elections during last night’s seven- hour meeting.

Students Default On Debt

According to recent reports released by the United States Dept. of Education, nationwide student loan default rates are soaring this year.

Survey Studies Student Suffering

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again: With budget cuts and student fee increases, we are paying more but receiving less for our education.

Regents Approve Increase in UC Fees

The University of California Board of Regents voted 15-5 to raise student tuition by eight percent during yesterday’s final day of meetings.