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Farewell from Opinion: L & T Sign Off
Letter from the Editor / Opinion

Farewell from Opinion: L & T Sign Off

  When I first took my graduation gown out of its packaging, I nearly cried. I am not wearing that. No way. No. Never. ‘If you put that thing on,’ my inner voice-over warned, ‘the bubble will finally burst. College will actually end. Your job at the Nexus will officially […]

Left Said, Right Said / Opinion

Right-Side Columnist Bids UCSB Farewell

I’ll be perfectly honest — UCSB wasn’t my first choice, by far. I came out of high school the preppy, sarcastic valedictorian of a sleepy suburb no one’s heard of. Despite receiving the Regents Scholarship here, I was sure that I was off to Pomona College in Claremont. Surely, someone […]

featured / Science & Tech

Nades of All Trades: The Legacy That Will Not Fade (Anytime Soon)

Well, it looks like it’s finally that time. After four years and two majors, I’ve run out of ways to remain a student here at UCSB. It’s all right. I’ve lived a good college life. I have walked among the broletariat and the brougeoisie, sampled the expensive — yet filling […]


He Said, He Said Goodbye (John Greely)

Goodbye, Gauchos. I’ll miss you. It’s been two years since I took over as Sports Editor for the first time, and it’s been a wild ride. There’s been the North Carolina basketball game, two rounds of soccer playoffs, some crazy Cal Poly games and a hell of a lot of […]


He Said, He Said Goodbye (Matt Connolly)

It’s no easy feat to restrict all I have to say within a character count. But hell, this is my “goodbye column,” so I’m just going with it.