The ABC’s of BAC


You can’t control a lot of things in your life, but you can control how your night goes if you choose to drink by becoming more aware of your BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration). At the UCSB Alcohol and Drug Program, counselors educate students by integrating evidenced-based alcohol education and teaching risk reduction skills that are […]

A Little Liquid Courage

Katherine Anderson explains why you might be happier tomorrow if you put the beer down today.

Frat Guys: Expectations vs. Reality

We had to do it.

Hangover Supplements: Quick Relief or Quackery?

Student Health dietitian Betsy Reynolds-Malear cautions against relying on hangover supplements to counteract a night of heavy drinking.

Work When you Need to, Play When you Want to


Balancing the pressures of school with the intensity of IV social life can be tough to get the hang of. These are some tips for staying on track while you adjust to your new life.

Fifth-Years Know Best: Get Your Ass Off the Curb, Freshman

Well … After four years of sweaty adolescent suffering you’ve made it. Congratufuckinglations, and welcome to UCSB. Welcome to a university so totally awesome that even today the occasional moron will call it “The Harvard of The West,” not realizing that, in fact, comparisons to Harvard only make Harvard look bad. Because this is it. […]

Drinking Columnist Weighs In On Floatopia Debate

Floatopia. Oh yeah, baby, this is a hot-button issue.

Police Blotter

Saturday, April 2, 7:17 p.m. — Officers rushed to respond to a call that a man had been physically assaulted — by two girls.

Impoverished, Veteran Debauch Warns Against Excessive Sobriety

A drug commercial for your consideration: The screen is black. A heart monitor rhythmically beeps in the background. The screen slowly blinks twice. It reveals two, faintly blurry masked doctors standing over the camera.

Call to Action: Let’s Win Back Our Floatopia From Santa Barbara County

Hey, what a surprise, another Santa Barbara tradition is going down the toilet: Floatopia. We lost Halloween to the cops and out-of-towners; it seems terrifying to even try to leave your house that week.