Multiple Shootings in Isla Vista


[Update: Police have now confirmed a total of seven fatalities and thirteen injured and more information is coming in continuously. Check here for the latest information.] At least one unidentified suspect traveling in a black BMW reportedly carried out multiple drive-by shootings at approximately 9:30 p.m. at I.V. Deli Mart, 7-11, and near the 6500 […]

UCSB Student Found Dead on Isla Vista Beach


The body of 20-year-old UCSB student Sierra Markee-Winkler was discovered at approximately 7 a.m. Sunday morning on the beach below the 6800 block of Del Playa Drive, according to local officials now investigating the incident.

Politically Incorrect: Time for a Change

You’re going to die. I know that’s not the most chipper salutation. It’s not exactly a “Good morning!” or a “Happy Thursday!”, but as the school year (and this column) winds down to a close, I’ve been contemplating the incommensurability of death and the inevitable march to oblivion that we like to call “life.” Most […]

Woman Found on Isla Vista Beach, Identified as Cal Poly SLO Student

At 8:20 a.m. on Saturday, a jogger discovered the body of a young college-aged female in the water around Campus Point. The body was identified yesterday afternoon by investigators from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office as 18-year-old Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student Giselle Ayala. Ayala was visiting Isla Vista for the annual Deltopia […]

Engineer’s Death Sparks Suspicions in U.S.A.

Last June, UCSB Electrical Engineering Ph.D. graduate Shane Todd was found dead in his Singapore apartment on the eve of his return to the United States. Todd had just finished his work on Gallium Nitride (GaN) with the Institute for Microelectronics (IME) — a telecommunication company with ties to the Singaporean government. Though the Singapore […]

Study Attributes Ape Deaths to Human Viruses

Researchers at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis on campus recently discovered the missing variable in the mysterious population decline among endangered African great apes. The scientists’ findings — published in the online science journal PLoS ONE — indicate mortality rates among primates such as gorillas and chimpanzees are increasing at exponential rates […]

Professor Considers Result of Libyan Leader’s Death

Former Libyan head of state Muammar Gaddafi was killed under uncertain circumstances near his hometown of Sirte last Thursday. Christopher McAuley, an associate professor of black studies, spoke to the Daily Nexus about the implications of Gaddafi’s death.   News outlets worldwide announced Colonel Gaddafi’s capture and death on Oct. 20, depicting the fallen leader’s […]

I.V. Community Mourns UCSB Student’s Death

Friends gathered at Campus Point Tuesday Sept. 6 to mourn the death and commemorate the life of UCSB student Mark Andrew Romasanta, II. The 22 year-old Santa Barbara native was last seen on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive at 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 28 and was reported missing by his family after failing […]

UCSB Mourns Loss of Noted Professor

UCSB Black Studies associate professor and distinguished scholar Clyde Woods passed away July 6 at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. He was 54 years old.

Police Release Description of Wanted I.V. Murder Suspect

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. provided a description of a possible suspect in connection with the death of Vincent Velasquez, a 26-year old Santa Barbara resident who was fatally stabbed on the 6600 block of Abrego Road early Sunday morning.