Death to the Death Penalty! But Only After Many, Many Years of Appeals


Columnist Matthew Meyer explains that the death penalty does much more harm than good to our criminal justice system.

Capital Punishment’s Moral Support: Why California Voters Couldn’t Kill Death

Whether or not you voted to abolish California’s death penalty on Tuesday, you’re probably aware of the financial argument against it. It’s unquestionable that the death penalty, in its current form, is poorly administered and in need of reform. When you compare the number of inmates sitting on death row to the number that have […]

Prop 34: A Matter of Justice, Efficiency and Morality

You’ve seen the signs and heard the arguments: vote for Lois Capps, yes on Prop 30, no on Prop 32. But what haven’t you heard? (Besides the obvious conservative argument, of course.) Where’s all the discussion on Prop 34? Perhaps it’s the fact that the economy trumps all other talking points thanks to our current […]

California’s New “End the Death Penalty” Initiative Proves Inherently Unjust

In the upcoming elections this year — the June primary and the November general — California citizens will have the chance to exercise their rather unique (and, in my opinion, rather silly) ability to exercise direct democracy and vote on a series of propositions. Among those propositions, yet to be numbered but certain to be […]

Local Suspect Could Face Death Penalty in Stabbing Case

Santa Barbara resident Adrian Robles will appear in court today for allegedly stabbing UCSB alumnus and former Daily Nexus photographer Robert Burke Simpson.