Looking Beyond Midterms

Sabrina Hodjati explains why midterms only tell half the story and leave a whole lot of knowledge untapped as a result.

Q&A: A Talk With Actor, Comic, Writer John Hodgman

JohnHodgman_preferredphoto (1)

In preparation for his upcoming comedy show “I Stole your Dad,” “The Daily Show” regular John Hodgman spoke to the Daily Nexus about his style of humor, his on-stage persona and his work as a writer, along with other topics. He is best known as the Resident Expert and Deranged Millionaire on “The Daily Show,” as well as the “PC” in Apple’s “Get a Mac” ads. A self-proclaimed expert in the world of fake news, Hodgman penned three best-selling books covering his knowledge of half-truths and other nonsense as a trilogy titled Complete World Knowledge. He also maintains a podcast called Judge John Hodgman with radio show organization Maximum Fun. In this interview, Hodgman speaks about his career endeavors, encouraging students to make careers doing what they love as he did.

Author To Speak About Creativity’s Role in Education

Educational adviser and New York Times best-selling author Sir Ken Robinson will discuss his newest book Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative at 8 p.m. tonight in Campbell Hall, arguing that Western culture’s existing education paradigm must shift to accommodate the challenges of learning and getting a career in the 21st century. Robinson’s […]