Conflict Arises Over Denial of A.S. Funds

The Associated Students Legislative Council addressed students’ upset about its decision to deny the Student of Color Conference funding during last night’s weekly meeting. Numerous SOCC and Student Commission on Racial Equality supporters filled the UCen’s Flying A room to voice discontent with the previous week’s outcome. Several students approached the podium during the public […]

A Letter to You With Love From Artsweek

I want to tell you about something that frustrates me: apathy. I’ve learned a lot during my three years at UCSB. My classes have taught me about real issues like Congressional decision making and the beginnings of the Israeli-Palestine conflict. I’ve learned how to write more concisely and how to analyze more critically. But most of my learning hasn’t been in a classroom or taken from a textbook. Most of my learning has come from you, the students.

Israeli Blockade Bars Entry of Essential Medical Services

Not too long ago, there appeared an Op-Ed in the Daily Nexus entitled “False Body Count Numbers Disguise Political Agenda.”

Individual Freedom Nourishes Human Dignity and Economic Development

Valentine’s Day just ended and I’ve decided, out of the kindness of my heart, to provide a public service and discuss the traumatic, conflicting and combative, yet never-ending relationship between liberals and conservatives.

Israeli Tech Aids Western Progress

For a number of years now, pro-Israel and anti-Israel student groups have been competing for public support on this campus.

False Body Count Numbers Disguise Political Agenda

I am sure that most of you reading this have seen a sign on campus with the death tallies for Palestinians and Israelis, represented by symbolic stakes in the ground comparing the two.

When the Housing Situation Becomes Messier Than the House

Fall Quarter is in full swing and the Community Housing Office hopes your living situation is still going smoothly.