EAP Students Without Housing

Dozens of students are still without permanent housing as Fall Quarter begins at UCSB. Amid one of the most difficult years to find housing in decades, many of the students struggling to find a place to live are international students in the Education Abroad Program (EAP). Unusually high demand for housing has made it nearly impossible for students to find housing in Isla Vista, Goleta and even downtown Santa Barbara. Some students have resorted to staying in costly motels while they await assistance from the Community Housing Office (CHO), the university administration responsible for helping students find living accommodations.

Is Isla Vista Rent Too Damn High? A Closer Look Into Housing in I.V.

Many students who reside in Isla Vista agree that renting apartments acts as an invaluable tool that helps them learn crucial skills such as cooking and paying bills. Those who reside on Del Playa (pictured above) get the added benefit of an ocean view.

With ‘For Rent’ signs slapped on almost every house or apartment in Isla Vista, thousands of students are now joining the annual housing rush that begins around the end of every Fall Quarter and beginning of every Winter. During this time, a swarm of UCSB students phone landlords, knock on doors and scramble to fill out paperwork to claim anything from a dream house on the ocean side of Del Playa Drive to a cozy little apartment on Picasso.

Roommateships with BFFs

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic relationships. Community Housing Office (CHO) is going to take this time to address some of those other wonderful relationships in your life- your friends! Does Best Friend = Best Roommate? You know your best friend’s heartbreaks and crushes, most embarrassing Isla Vista moments, wild career aspirations, favorite midnight munchies, […]

CHO Offers Helpful Tips to Avoid Halloween Hell

The Community Housing Office (CHO) is no stranger to the fact that Isla Vista and Halloween are virtually synonymous.

When the Housing Situation Becomes Messier Than the House

Fall Quarter is in full swing and the Community Housing Office hopes your living situation is still going smoothly.

Community Housing Office Navigates Housing Cycle

The Community Housing Office (CHO) wants to welcome you back to UCSB!

Moving Out? CHO Offers Helpful Advice on Trash, Deposits, and More

The Community Housing Office is all about “Go Green or Go Home.” Our hearts dropped a little when we saw how much waste was left during last year’s two-week “Move Out” period.

CHO Provides Sublease Simplicity

Maya Salmon is a program coordinator at the UCSB Community Housing Office.