Parting Words with ‘Gaucho Marks’ Founder

I recently spoke to my friend Mathew Javidi about his final issue of Gaucho Marks, the UCSB satire magazine that has been going strong since he founded it three years ago.  The most recent issue is available in CCS as well as throughout I.V. and in the dorms. Artsweek: I was really impressed with the […]

Improvability Brings Laughter in Difficult Time

This coming Friday, May 30, UCSB’s Improvability will host “IMPROVATHON,” 24 hours of nonstop improvised performances and fun. The event will feature a different performance every hour, ranging from scenes to musical numbers, and each hour is directed by a different member of the team. The best part? Attendees of all 24 hours will receive […]

Q&A: A Talk With Actor, Comic, Writer John Hodgman

JohnHodgman_preferredphoto (1)

In preparation for his upcoming comedy show “I Stole your Dad,” “The Daily Show” regular John Hodgman spoke to the Daily Nexus about his style of humor, his on-stage persona and his work as a writer, along with other topics. He is best known as the Resident Expert and Deranged Millionaire on “The Daily Show,” as well as the “PC” in Apple’s “Get a Mac” ads. A self-proclaimed expert in the world of fake news, Hodgman penned three best-selling books covering his knowledge of half-truths and other nonsense as a trilogy titled Complete World Knowledge. He also maintains a podcast called Judge John Hodgman with radio show organization Maximum Fun. In this interview, Hodgman speaks about his career endeavors, encouraging students to make careers doing what they love as he did.

Free Event To Discuss Impact of Comedy Television

UCSB’s Carsey-Wolf Center will host the “All in the…Modern Family” conference on April 27 at the Pollock Theater to explore the genre of scripted television comedies. The free event — co-hosted by the Dept. of Film & Media Studies — examines the importance and evolution of televised shows over time and celebrates comedy’s cultural impact […]

I.V. Stand-up is on the Rise at Javan’s

“Stand-up in its worst form is distilled ignorance and bigotry. In its best form, it’s a palatable form of philosophy,” fourth-year literature major and amateur stand-up comic William Buescher said as he took a sip from a cold beer last Monday, ironically one of the coldest nights in recent Isla Vista memory. It’s evident that […]

Evolution of Comedy Through the Ages

Louis CK directs and stars in one of the most fascinating television shows ever. “Louie” is a combination of behind the scenes of stand-up comedy and a realistic and sometimes depressing depiction or real life while raising two daughters. Yet, “Louie” is completely indebted to Lenny Bruce, arguably the most influential comedian ever. Bruce was […]

John Cleese Leaves UCSB Laughing

Legendary British actor John Cleese graced Campbell Hall with his comedic styling yesterday as part of a week-long free event series hosted for students by UCSB’s Arts & Lectures department.

Student Films Break Tension

UCSB’s Recreational Sports Dept. recently released the first installment of the “Study Break” video series on, hoping to offer some comedic relief to a studious student body.

“The Green Hornet” Is Totally Decent

Although “The Green Hornet” suffers from bouts of identity crisis and lack of restraint, it manages to utilize its leads to create an often-hilarious action-comedy that brings something original to the superhero genre.

Zombie Spaceship Wasteland

For those of you unfamiliar with Patton Oswalt’s comedy: You’re wrong.