Call it Deltopia: Weekend Beach Closures Confirmed


Santa Barbara County’s Community Services Department will be closing Isla Vista beaches this Saturday and Sunday due to the potential for a “Floatopia” event to occur. The closure has been enacted in order to prevent the reoccurrence of conditions that resulted in the infamous Floatopia 2009, a massive beach party that attracted roughly 12,000 participants […]

Delay of Guantanamo Bay Closure Incites Protests

Human rights activists marched from the White House to the Supreme Court building earlier this month to protest the perpetually delayed closure of the U.S. detention camp at Guantanamo Bay. The group demonstrated against President Obama’s failure to uphold his original campaign promise to shut down the facility upon his election. This month marks the […]

Closure of Coal Oil Point Reserve Trails Unimaginative, Unfair

I’ve got bad news for those of you who like to jog or hike around the Coal Oil Point Reserve. You will discover that while you were all away for Christmas break, the university has blocked off, and is in the process of obliterating, all the reserve’s internal trails. The only trail which remains is […]

Beach Closures To Continue

All beach entryways along Isla Vista and campus will be closed once again this weekend to prevent the possibility of Floatopia, the Santa Barbara County Parks Dept. announced yesterday.

A Party-Heavy, Surf-Light Spring

Spring is that magical time of year for Santa Barbarians that of course means plenty of beaching, bronzing and binging. I could add “boarding” to that and make it a four-way alliteration, but that just wouldn’t be honest writing.