County Health Reveals Storm Runoff Caused Sands Beach Closure

In light of last week’s warning at Sands Beach — which required beachgoers to avoid going within 50 feet of storm drains and creek mouths at the location — representatives from Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services have identified the cause of high bacteria levels to be runoff resulting from recent precipitation. Environmental Health Services […]

Beneficial Bacterias: The Friends Your Belly is Aching For

When I hear the word bacteria, I still get chills imagining the endless wait on a freezing chair at the doctor’s office with those fluorescent lights glaring at me. Though bacteria has received a bad rap because of its propensity to result in food poisoning or strep throat, many are surprised to learn that there […]

Bacteria Levels Lower Water Safety

While the Santa Barbara Channelkeeper issued warnings for several local beaches this month in response to increased bacterial levels, water quality has likely returned to a safer state by today.

Bacteria Gain Evolutionary Edge With Toxic Darts

Biologists at UCSB have published a study in the journal Nature that found that certain bacteria fight for evolutionary dominance using “toxic darts” to attack and disable their competitors.