Ask an Atheist: Why Don’t You Just Call Yourself an Agnostic?

When I engage in a philosophical or religious conversation with some of my peers, a common phrase reiterated is, “Oh, I’m not an atheist; I’m an agnostic.” Though it may appear insignificant, this statement actually holds a lot of weight. It can seem unimportant, but “atheism” and “agnosticism” are more than just arbitrary labels — […]

Is Spirituality a Good Alternative to Religion? 

Because it is purposefully a vague term, it is difficult to get a good idea of exactly what spirituality may mean. It’s a term that has appeared in many cultures and eras, influencing and being influenced by a very diverse group of people. What all strains of spirituality share, though, is a rejection of institutional […]

East vs. West: Ask an Atheist Sizes Up World Religions

Prompt: Do Eastern religions provide any benefits that Western ones might not?   In the Western world, or at least in the United States, religions of the Orient have increasingly come to take on an “exotic” and “mystical” flavor. People try these belief systems on as one might try on a new fashionable hat from […]

Are Atheists Islamophobic?

Lately, the New Atheist movement has come under fire in the news, as is inevitable with movements such as this. Consisting of popular figures like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, New Atheism advocates actively opposing religion through rational argument whenever possible. This movement, as well as atheism in general (New Atheism does not represent all […]

No Scrooges Here! Why Most Atheists Don’t Object to a Little Holiday Cheer

Question: Do atheists celebrate religious holidays?   The answer is simple: There is no reason not to. Even if I don’t believe in the event being celebrated, many of my family members still believe in it, and I am willing to put aside our differences for the day to spend time with them. Without time […]

Good Times and Good Deeds: Secularists Can Have It All, Too

Question: Can religion offer something that secularism cannot?   If someone were to say that religion is nothing but pure evil, I would have to reply that that person is absolutely, positively, undoubtedly wrong. From their respective origins to the current day, different religions all around the world can be seen to have common benefits, […]

Minorities May Not Rule, But They Still Deserve A Say

Why do atheists try to exert so much influence on public opinion if they know they are a minority?   In brief, you don’t need to be in a majority to have principles worth sharing. Whether or not skepticism spreads at the rate that we’d like, it’s still important to speak our minds when opinions […]

Does Atheism Constitute A Worldview?

A worldview is effectively a set of beliefs and assumptions through which someone interprets the world around them. Whether or not a philosophy qualifies as a worldview is really a matter of how pervasive that ideology is to them. Since it’s a leap from the mainstream to call yourself an atheist, crossing that threshold means […]

How Do Evolution and Natural Selection Affect Morality?

To answer the question bluntly, we simply wouldn’t have morality without evolution or natural selection. However, being fair to morality, we probably wouldn’t have survived as a species without it either. If we consider morality to be a defined system of ideas about right and wrong shared by a group of people, then it is […]

How Do Atheists Account for the Commonality of Supernatural Beliefs?

Supernatural belief is an evolutionary adaption with a long and varied history that led to the continued survival of our ancestors. Shared belief systems within early societies likely increased cooperation and led to a greater survival rate for the group. In a larger sense, shared beliefs and moral values, across cultures, may have increased survival […]