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Glass is a wearable augmented-reality device from Google that acts as an extension of the user’s smartphone. The highly anticipated technology was first released to developers and participants of the Glass Explorer Program this past April.
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UCSB Alumnus Among the First to Hack Google Glass

Google’s new Glass headset has only been available for less than a month, but some enterprising users have already figured out how to hack it. The augmented-reality device, which has been the subject of much hype and speculation, is currently available through the Glass Explorer Program, though they cost $1500 […]

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Ubuntu Phone Platform To Rival Android, iOS

Are you a phone fan who’s looking for the latest developments in mobile technology? An iOS or Android user tired of your current platform? A hipster who feels that current offerings in the mobile market are too mainstream? Or are you just interested in an innovative new smartphone operating system? […]