The Doc Is In

Prescription Drugs and the Environment

Jackie Kurta, Director of the UCSB Alcohol and Drug Program, explains why we should be concerned about our spread of drugs into the environment
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HPV, Alcoholism, Allergies… We’ve Got It All

Q: Apparently, HPV is rampant among college students. As a female, I’m afraid of getting it and then developing cervical cancer. How can I protect myself against contracting HPV? Is the Gardasil vac...
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New Year, New Questions for the Docs: Advice on Eating Right and Avoiding the Flu

1. Coffee is a necessity for me, especially when school gets into full swing. Are there healthier alternatives for that much-needed energy boost and is it OK that I indulge my caffeine fix daily? It d...
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Finals Bells Are A’Ringin’…‘Tis the Season for Adderall? (Medical Opinions on the Popular Study Drug)

1. My friends tell me that there is nothing better than Adderall if I need to study all night. I hear about it all the time, but what exactly is it? Adderall is the brand name (brand names are used by...
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Medical Know-How That Will Keep You “Regular” and Smiling Brightly

Q: I need to kick my ass in gear study-wise since midterms are fast approaching. I don’t foresee myself popping any pills, but is there anything stronger than coffee to help? And how much coffee is ...
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Fun, Sun, Lube and the Occasional Roach: UCSB Docs’ Advice on Your Most Pressing Health Questions

Q: Why should I get a flu shot? People always tell me it actually gives you the flu! A: You smart college students should know that a killed, sterilized tiny particle of influenza virus in the flu sho...
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“Is It Just An Itch?” [and Other Questions Only a Medical Professional Should Answer]

Q: Sometimes my breasts simply hurt. Is there anything to worry about or is this normal? A: Don’t worry, but do come in for a breast exam to be sure what you’re feeling is normal. Hormonal changes...
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