Satirical Musings

Study Finds Americans Capable of Intense Body Modification*

New studies have revealed a surprising ability abundant in the demographic of affluent white males.
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New App Makes Every Day ‘Dog Therapy Day’*

*Meant to be read purely as satire.
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Only the Tips*

Satire writer Risa Weber gives you some advice on how to spice up your ... you know ... sexy time.
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Area Man Makes Unfortunate Assumption*

After grossly overestimating his ability to attract women, a local man finds himself put out to sea.
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Woman Receives Life-Changing Advice From Obscure Website*

An IV local has completely turned her life around thanks to lifehacks.com.
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Local DJs Get Amped Over “Spindown”*

Next week, UCSB DJs will be convening in the Hub for the first annual DJ Spindown, co-sponsored by UCSB Arts & Lectures and Fox Racing. No one quite knows what to expect, but with names like DJ 24...
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