You're Doing It Wrong

Stick to Your Resolutions: Win the War of Self-Control

Today is the 10th of January, still the beginning of the New Year (which, coincidentally, is 2012 this time). I have a couple of resolutions for this year, as many of you might. More than signifying a...
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Breaking News: Your Smartphone Is Making You Stupider

When rats are given a button that, when pressed, excites the “pleasure” module in their brain, it has been shown that they will press the button unceasingly, even withholding from food, sex and wa...
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Caffeine: How To Kick the Habit, Or at Least Abuse Correctly

Maybe you’re intimately familiar with the groggy feeling of “waking up” in the morning, slowly and begrudgingly biking over to Cajé and mumbling something the cashier assumes means “large cof...
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Stop Regurgitating All Over Your Exams: Take a Lesson in Ingestion – Learn How to Learn

Midterms are approaching and you have that unfortunately now-common feeling of, “Goddamn it, I did it again.” Well I’m altogether not surprised you haven’t mastered your material, because you ...
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How to Maintain Your Health and Dignity on the Bike Paths

Whether you’re a sparkly new freshmen on your sparkly new bike or an unkempt fifth year on a bike that’s just as grizzly, you’ve probably never read that annoying little bike etiquette booklet t...
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