The Word on Drugs

Pill Your Way to An ‘A’? Because Study Buddies Come in All Shapes and Sizes … Like Small and Oblong

As the insurmountable academic stress known as dead week and finals looms like a menacing black cloud above Davidson Library, the student body of UCSB will find themselves in a time management conundr...
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Mind, Body and Soul: 3-Pack or Individually Sold?

You see a shimmering, brilliant white light approaching on the horizon. Your vision begins to rapidly constrict as if you’re traveling through a tightening tunnel at the speed of light. As you soar ...
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Drugs and the Divine: Could Spiritual Transcendence Be Only A Pop, Drop or Toke Away?

“Turn on, tune in, drop out”: this six word catchphrase coined by the psychologist Timothy Leary is most closely associated with the drug counterculture and progressive social transformation of th...
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Follow the Silkroad… To Get Your Drugs and Guns at the End of This Cyperspace Rainbow

Among the Internet’s giant e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay exists a relatively unknown and secretive marketplace called Silkroad, which operates in a hidden corner of the web. In many ways, Si...
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Giving Green the Green Light: Feds Say ‘No,’ State Says ‘Go’

This past Tuesday, cannabis enthusiasts and weed smokers witnessed some pretty dank political outcomes. First, former pot-smoker and current president, Barack Obama was re-elected; second, both Colora...
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Votes on Tokes: Presidential Candidates’ Stances on Drug Policy

With the approaching Presidential election in two weeks, I decided to devote this issue to the Presidential candidates and their assorted approaches on drug policy. After three debates between Preside...
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Regulation Not Incarceration: Why America’s Drug Policy Needs Some Rehab

In the past 40 years, America has spent a lot of money fighting foreign wars. Vietnam, Iraq, Iraq again, Afghanistan and these wars obviously come with a considerable price tag. However, I’d like to...
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The Low-Down on Numbing Up: A New Look at the Pain Killer Trend

Anyone who’s had wisdom teeth removed or suffered a substantial injury like a fractured collarbone or broken leg may attest to the availability of opioid prescriptions such as Vicodin, Percocet or O...
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MDMA T.V. Show Sparks Controversy, Yet ‘Taboo’ Research Holds Potential to Help

This week, a groundbreaking television documentary will air in the United Kingdom. “Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial” (Channel 4) features musician-actor Keith Allen consuming MDMA, the pure form of ...
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