Wednesday Hump

Art by Tarush Mohanti // Daily Nexus

Being In a Relationship Without Being In a Relationship: A Modern Magic Trick

Sebastianne Kent talks a little love and relationships in this edition of The Wednesday Hump. Are you looking for someone special? You probably aren't alone.
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Sex and the University: To Have Hair or Not to Have Hair (Down There)

In her second installment of Sex and the University, Sebastianne Kent looks at hair-removal choices and expectation
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Sex Position of the Week: The Bare Bottom Bump

Curiosity Killed the Cat (But Orgasmic Pleasure Brought Him Back)

Matt Togni explains why experimenting could be your next favorite thing.
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To Rebound or Not to Rebound

Brenna Dilger explains why, although tempting, rebound sex might not be worth it.
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Happily Humping on Halloween

Matt Togni gives you some tips on how to have a hump-filled Halloween.
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A Drop of Awkward, a Sprinkle of Hilarious, and a Whole Dollop of Just Plain Weird

From prickly and sticky body parts to unwanted bedroom acoustics, R. Pengsta shares a few of the unsexier situations sometimes encountered between the sheets.
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Humping Etiquette 101: How to Conquer the Dorms

Humpin' in the dorms? R. Pengsta has the advice to make your cramped triple a sex palace... without pissing off your roommates.
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Casual Sex – Not as Casual as You Think

Even in college sexcapades, there's a fine line between "casual" and commitment. R. Pengsta gives incoming Gauchos some expert advice on how to navigate open beds without breaking hearts.
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Sam Soothes Your Sexual Strife And Heals Your Humping Heartaches

Sam the Oracle answers another round of questions for the benefit of everyone.
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It Was the Worst Sex Ever!

The bad, the very bad, and the just plain ugly: Matt Togni shares a selection of the worst sex stories he's ever heard.
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The Column Formerly Known as the Wednesday Hump

You expect the Hump What you get is a camel Love your new best friend
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The Final Countdown: Sexin’ as a Senior

The five hookup-related items that graduating seniors need to check off of their bucket lists ASAP.
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Sucks to Suck Part Two: Going Down on the Cabbage Patch

…and for those of you who don’t know, that’s my favorite way to describe one sexual act that too many guys seem to overlook: cunnilingus. Now as a gay man, it should not surprise you that just t...
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Sex Bloopers: A Collection of Anonymous Misfortunes

A collection of anonymously submitted sex bloopers from around the UCSB campus.
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Hey, It’s Just Sex!

It's 2014, so why is talking about sex still taboo?
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