Therapeutic Thoughts

Maximize Your Sleep to Improve Memory, Mood and Creativity

Waking from a good night of sleep is like a breath of fresh air. It brings relief from the physical, mental and emotional challenges of the prior day. Sufficient sleep leaves us feeling energized, mot...
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How to Be a Loving Friend to Someone With Depression

Leilani details the ways in which you can care for friends and yourself in the midst of a depressive episode.
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My Year and a Half on Antidepressants- Hating, Healing, and Discovering Self-Love Again

Eshgh gives their firsthand experience with antidepressants and their own journey to understanding and self-love.
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Walk Your Way to Happiness

At least four times a week, I leave my apartment dressed in spandex and athletic shoes, headphones in, hair in a ponytail and announce to my roommates on my way out the door that I’m “going for a ...
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Taking Pride in Perseverance

Shelby Rodgers urges you to take pride in your accomplishments
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Overcoming the Mid-Quarter Melancholy

We all somehow get to this point. It’s the middle of the quarter, everyone is stressed about midterms and we all ask ourselves how we let procrastination get to this extreme. This is where we start ...
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