Daily Nexus Editorial Staff Yields Cautious Endorsements

The Daily Nexus editorial board has closely scrutinized potential candidates, measures and propositions to provide our readership with voting choices that can begin to heal our ailing economy and lead to social and civic progress.

Breaching the Generation Gap Through Activism

In 1970, a wave of civil unrest turned the beachside town of Isla Vista on its head.

Social Host Ordinance Produces Unintended Consequences

The Social Host Ordinance, a countywide regulation that would impose civil penalties on residents that provide alcohol to minors, should not have passed in its present form.

Turds & Tulips

Sprouting and hopeful tulips to the graduating class of 2010. Budget cuts and impacted classes don’t make for the best educational fertilizer, but you still pulled through. Congrats!

UC Needs Alternative to Ever-Increasing Fees

During today’s meeting, the Regents will debate an anticipated 32 percent student fee increase and a proposal to petition the state legislature for $913 million. The fee hike will almost certainly pass, while the bid for increased state funding is only an empty gesture — if California legislators had any intention of properly funding the […]