New App Makes Every Day ‘Dog Therapy Day’*

*Meant to be read purely as satire.
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Area Man Makes Unfortunate Assumption*

After grossly overestimating his ability to attract women, a local man finds himself put out to sea.
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“Mass Shooting” A Term Thrown Around Too Casually*

Mathew Javidi offers a satirical view of America's desensitization towards gun-related violence.
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My Love Affair With the TSA

An intimate encounter with a TSA agent leaves David Jackson lovestruck.
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One Stacked Library: The Post-Finals Realization That You Have Been Dating Davidson

As planned, Davidson Library will under- go a significant expansion and renovation over the course of the next two years. Construction begins this summer and will be completed sometime in 2014. Curren...
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Protagonist Finds Solace in Gordita Crunch Wrappper

Recently, I took a trip to Taco Bell. I was craving my usual cheesy Gordita Crunch, but the real reason I wanted to go was to try the new Doritos locos taco. This new item combines the satisfying hear...
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It’s Gettin’ Hot in Hurr’: Partygoers Nearly Suffocate in Hormone Cloud

UCSB’s Christ-centered fraternity threw a party this past Saturday. With no drugs or alcohol there, the party was completely fueled by the force of repressed sexual energy emanating from the male an...
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Yang in a Wig to Replace Snoop Dogg at Extravaganza

Due to bad investments, the Associated Students Program Board has discovered it cannot afford to hire legendary rapper Snoop Dogg for next Sunday’s Extravaganza concert. Fortunately, our generous le...
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UC San Diego Student’s Drug Bust Turns Into Luckiest Thing Ever

On April 20, Daniel Chong was just relaxing and smoking marijuana with friends. Though it was the annual 4/20 holiday, smoking was not a rare activity for Daniel. He was just going about his normal da...
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OPP, DP, B.O.S.S.: They’re All Just Arbitrary Acronyms to Me

Voting for UCSB’s annual Associated Students elections begins this Monday, and I still don’t know which party to vote for. I was going to vote for the party that put the large, obstructive signs i...
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Man Uses Titanic in 3D as Last-Ditch Effort to Get Laid

On Saturday, April 7, local ladies’ man Brendan Marden bought tickets for himself and Jennifer Pollard for the newly re-released “Titanic” in 3D in an attempt to get laid. Marden, who had been ...
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I Got Arrested; George Zimmerman Did Not Get Arrested

On the night of Feb. 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida, George Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Miraculously, Zimmerman has not been arrested or charged with any crimes. Our readers w...
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Baby-Eating: Still the Obvious Solution to Our Economic Woes

In his seminal 1729 essay, “A Modest Proposal,” social theorist Jonathan Swift presented a plan to solve Irish poverty through the exploitation of a valuable, renewable resource. Swift proposed in...
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Bro, Your DJ Career Is Probably Not Going to Work Out

Dear Morning Stack,   Everybody is pressuring me to be something I’m not. My mom wants me to stay in school. My dad wants me to be a doctor, but I want to be a DJ. I’m not interested in chemi...
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Jeremy Lin: Greatest African-American Basketball Player Ever

Linsanity has reached a new milestone. After only two-and-a-half weeks of stellar play, the basketball world is in agreement that Jeremy Lin has eclipsed Detlef Schrempf as the greatest African-Americ...
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