Why Religion May Be a Matter of Ideology, Not Theology

Oftentimes you hear people lament religion and how it is the cause of so much conflict and violence throughout the world. “If only religion were to disappear,” they say, “then we would all live in peace.” As a self-described agnostic, I usually nod my head in agreement or “like” such prophetic Facebook statuses. Well, it […]

Obama’s Gay Marriage Endorsement Raises Eyebrows and Campaign Funds

Last week, Barack Obama came out and publicly endorsed gay marriage, a move that many saw as a huge political gamble. Many on the left have worried that the announcement will help fire up socially conservative voters who have been less than enthusiastic about the previously pro-choice Romney, while also alienating black voters, who continue […]

UCSB Palestinian Awareness Week: Event Confronts Ongoing Conflict, Heightens Tensions But Fails to Shed Light on New Solutions

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is arguably the most contentious in the world. On Thursday, the Arbor was converted into an ideological battleground between the two sides. A large wooden gate, bearing the slogan “Palestine, an Invisible Nation,” was built by the group Students for Justice in Palestine to commemorate Palestinian Awareness Week. The gate was supposed […]

Really Want to Stick it to the Man? Go Forth and Be Fruitful: Politically Strategic Baby-Makin’

Turns out, if you are a liberal, having a baby is one of the best ways you can fight for your cause. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, conservatives have 41 percent more offspring than liberals. While liberals are busy protesting for equality and fairness, conservatives are busy gettin’ busy, procreating the next generation of […]

Conservatives Are From Mars, Liberals Are From Venus

Earlier this month, science and politics journalist Chris Mooney came out with a new book entitled The Republican Brain, The Science of Why They Deny Science—and Reality, a book that is much more insightful and objective than its partisan title would suggest. In the book, Mooney links a number of genetic and physiological studies that […]

“If You Can’t Bribe a Politician, You Can Now Just Buy One”

Money is flooding into political elections at an unprecedented rate, giving an enormous amount of influence to wealthy interests in our country. For decades special interest groups have spent millions trying to influence policy by directly lobbying members of Congress, but in issues that voters feel strongly about, members of Congress generally have sided with […]


How the Party of “No” Managed to Oppose Its Own Idea

Last week, the Supreme Court heard three days of oral arguments on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, with conservatives giddy and itching to see the president’s single most important achievement obliterated. Should the Supreme Court rule the act unconstitutional in June, the president would face a political disaster just […]

Twilight Series Proves Vampires Are Effective Propaganda Ambassadors

The other day, I came home from an intramural soccer game and two of my roomies were watching “Twilight: Breaking Dawn.” I had never read any of the books nor seen any of the movies, but I knew that my sister and cousin, along with just about every girl on the planet, seemed to be […]

What’s on your mind? The Power of Social Media in a Dynamic Age

Who would have thought when we all made our first MySpace pages back in high school, complete with the ridiculous personalized backgrounds and theme songs, that we were leading a worldwide revolution? Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but it’s true; the development of social media over the past decade has transformed the world. From societal relations, […]

Why the iPhone Will Never Carry That ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ Stamp

Two weeks ago, the New York Times published a report entitled “How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work,” detailing how Apple went from manufacturing most of its products in the United States in 2002 to today, where virtually all manufacturing is done abroad, especially in China. The piece provides an in-depth look at the […]

Famed Fútbol Rivalry Reveals Historical Divide

Last Wednesday, FC Barcelona eliminated Real Madrid from the Copa del Rey tournament and here at UCSB, I saw plenty of kids repping their Barça and Madrid jerseys and at least a few others streaming the game live on library computers in between classes. But even if you’re not a fan of fútbol, you have […]

Newt Gingrich: He’s Only Fooling Goldilocks

  At first they tried Papa Bear Cain’s porridge, but it was a little too strange with that weird pizza-flavored aftertaste. Then they tried Mama Bear Romney’s porridge, but it was a little too watered down and had that disturbing, corporate smell. They even tried Uncle Bear Perry’s famous Texas porridge, but when they went […]

How I Know Who You’ll Vote for in 2012

Welcome back Gauchoans, and Happy New Year!  2012 is destined to be a doozy. Not only will it be the final year of our lives, but in November we will decide who the final president of the United States will be, to bravely lead us into the Armageddon and our impending doom. Ah yes, election […]

(w)Ron(g) Paul’s Free Market Fairytale

[media-credit name=”Erika Frost” align=”aligncenter” width=”250″][/media-credit]Gather round, all ye children, for I haveth a tale for thee on why Ron Paul is oh so wrong… Once upon a time (two weeks ago, actually), MF Global filed the eighth-largest bankruptcy in history, with debts leveraged 40 to one against its capital. That means that for every one […]


U.S. Repeal of UNESCO Funding Misses Big Picture

Last week, Palestine officially joined UNESCO, the UN’s educational, scientific and cultural organization, as its newest member. The vote approving Palestine’s membership was overwhelming; 107 member nations voted for the admission while only 14, led by the United States, voted against. The decision was both monumental and controversial as it not only represented the first […]