Question Authority

Why You Can But Shouldn’t Give Sgt. Signa the Bird

It’s been a fun couple of weeks since we last spoke. I got back from Hawaii and, despite the rumors, I was not kicked out of Maui. A few days after my return, I was getting my butt handed to me by a...
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If You’re Drinking Month-Old Natty Light, You Deserve Much Worse Than a Ticket

Before I get going, I must apologize for the sand all over this article. I just got back from the beach and as I sit here, sipping my Kona Brewing Company Longboard and looking out over Kaneohe Bay, I...
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Sgt. Signa Spills All The Jelly On MIP’s and Noise Violations

As the first full week of school winds down, I have to admit, it has been pretty fun for me.  Believe it or not, my week probably has not been that much different than most of your week.  Let’s se...
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Let the Good Times Roll Without It Leading to Parole

It’s hard to believe that summer is already over. It feels like we just finished the graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2011 and now it’s time to welcome the class of 2015. For those of you re...
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Stringent Laws Designed to Serve Communities and Minimize Bias

Ahhh, spring in Isla Vista! There is nothing like cruising down Del Playa Drive and enjoying the cool breeze under the warm sun as I listen to the waves crashing upon the cliffs.
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Major, Unpleasant Consequences Ensue From Minor, Unaddressed Citations

Welcome back from Spring Break! I’m sure you had a great week of living the wild life and have some fond memories to look back on. That’s what Spring Break is all about.
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Signa Offers Cures for Halloween Hangovers

We survived Halloween weekend, and it appears it was much quieter than last year. In my movie-based mentality, I went into the weekend with the intensity of the thudding "Terminator 2" theme running t...
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