Politically Incorrect: Time for a Change

You’re going to die. I know that’s not the most chipper salutation. It’s not exactly a “Good morning!” or a “Happy Thursday!”, but as the school year (and this column) winds down to a close, I’ve been contemplating the incommensurability of death and the inevitable march to oblivion that we like to call “life.” Most […]

When Becoming the Issue Becomes the Issue

I was digging into a new novel on the patio outside Nicoletti’s a few weeks back when a single word in a nearby conversation caught my attention: divestment. The pair — a guy and girl, both college-aged and bespectacled, sipping coffee and picking at muffins — was sitting directly behind me. Not one to eavesdrop, […]

Emily Zhang / Daily Nexus

Eternal Optimism and Pessimism, Both Impediments to Human Progress?

There is a world in which the Newtown massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing and the collapse of the Bangladesh garment factory last month never happened. This is a world without war, famine or genocide, without car accidents or teenage pregnancy or even burnt toast, and though it might seem improbable to you, it’s real. It […]

Shoot the Messenger (But Not Literally!): The Media’s Incendiary Tug-of-War

I’m not your typical angry guy. I’m not the guy prone to cut and flip you off on the freeway. I’m not the guy you see hurling curses at CALPIRG recruiters or turning into a human steam engine the second Starbucks mucks up his order. I rarely raise my voice, let alone shout or scream, […]

So Wrong, It’s Right

    What is “politically incorrect”? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a while. With 18 articles claiming the title, you’d think I’d have figured it out by now. But the question is actually twofold. “Politically Incorrect,” the column, is not the same thing as politically incorrect, the concept, any more than a […]

Terrorism, Undefined: a new scapegoat for acts of violence

For all their backtracking, mumbling, slip-ups and ambiguity, our political leaders have made one thing exceptionally clear: The United States does not negotiate with terrorists. The bombing of the Boston Marathon Monday left three dead, scores more wounded and was formally declared an “act of terrorism” by President Obama on Tuesday. Needless to say, this […]


Fringe Folly: How Behavioral Extremes Perpetuate Stereotypes

To those who believe that all Muslims are terrorists, all blacks are criminals and gay people don’t belong in civilized society, I’ve got one thing to say to you: I get it. You’re a bunch of selfish, narrow-minded, bigoted assholes, but when you open your mouths and say things like “Homosexuality is a condition” or […]

Forums, Chat Rooms and Renegade Comments Sections: The ‘Wild Wild West’ of the Digital Age

Faggot isn’t what your mother might call a “dinner table word.” For most social purposes, it’s been restricted to the metaphorical basement. You wouldn’t, for instance, use it to address a professor or TA, to get your waiter’s attention or even (most likely) to swear when you stub your toe on the steps of Campbell […]

Identity Crisis Much? Obama’s Dubious Doppelgänger

Remember that radical socialist you always hear conservatives complaining about in the news? That tyrannical despot hell-bent on political reform and the redistribution of wealth amongst the masses? He died on Tuesday in Caracas, Venezuela. Hugo Chavez was 58 and suffered greatly during his long battle with cancer. His death cut short the fourth term […]

Pope’s Resignation Crowns Modern Day Heart of Darkness

A version of this article appeared on page 12 of the February 28, 2013 print edition of the Daily Nexus.

At Last, Common Ground to Unite Us All: Misery

A single day can change your life. Or even a single word. Yesterday may not have been a life-changing day for me, but it definitely struck a chord. I was reclining on the sofa and settling into an old rerun of South Park when from the other room, my roommate issued a pronounced and anguished […]

The First Amendment, Amended: We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident, That All Opinions Are Not Created Equal

After years of denial, it’s time we faced the facts: 9/11 was a conspiracy orchestrated by the United States government. For 11 long years, the public has ignored the truth. The fall of the Twin Towers in New York City and the resulting 2,606 casualties were tactical red herrings used to rally public support for […]

Moving Forward Is Hard When You’re Always Looking Left or Right

Two years ago, I traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in a youth leadership conference. Over the course of a week, I had the privilege of exploring our nation’s capitol along with a group of like-minded and incredibly motivated young adults. Near the end of the trip, we were ushered into a row of seats […]

Call it Agnosticism, If You Like — All I Know Is That It’s Wonderful

Disclaimer: I think it’s important to note that I use the proper noun “God” in reference to the preexisting, visualized God of various world religions, and the improper noun “god” in reference to the conceptualized supreme essence or being. If the Catholics are right, I’m going to hell. I’ve managed to party my way through […]

As the Smoke From Newtown Clears, Policy Talks Strain the National Attention Span

Tragedy in America is a three-act play. We start with horror: A deranged and socially-exiled youth storms onto an elementary school campus with a Bushmaster .223 rifle and murders 20 children and six adults. The damage is swift, calculated and irreparable. In a matter of minutes, the shooter has committed one of the worst mass […]