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If You Can’t Skate, Don’t

Nik Frey has something to say to everyone on campus who doesn't know what they're doing on a skateboard.
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Love Conquers All

We asked what you love most about Isla Vista, and we love every one of your responses
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Proud to be a Gaucho

Emily Potter explains her unshaken love for IV and why she is proud to be a Gaucho.
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The Disconnect Between Police and Students

  The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office and UCSB Police Department held a public safety awards ceremony last night to honor the performances of deputies and officers who responded to the Is...
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Greek Life: Breaking the Stereotype

Over the last year, Greek life at UCSB has come under heightened scrutiny due to the closure of several campus-recognized fraternity chapters. This, along with recent widespread media coverage of the...
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Five Letters You Need to Know: IVCSD

Jonathan Abboud and Cameron Schunk outline reasons to support Isla Vista's self-governance
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