Letter to the Editor: The Cocaine Problem

I graduated in 2011 from this wonderful school of ours with four years’ worth of great memories and friends. I can honestly say that my time at UCSB was the happiest four years of my life. About a month after graduation, I moved to Belize with a two-year job commitment with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. […]

Letter to the Editor: Response to 5/29/13 Wednesday Hump

As a man in Isla Vista, I ask “what is wrong with a little experience?” Am I the only one turned off by virgins? Am I the only one who wants satisfaction without having to give a seminar on oral pleasure? While I think that might be a fantastic seminar to put on in I.V., […]

Luhrmann’s Gatsby: Give It a Chance, Old Sport

I’m not sure if one can be addicted to literature, or to the abstract theories and opinions of said works, but if so, I’m in need of a support group and a 12-step plan. I could give you a full rundown of Caryl Churchill’s feminist agenda, Chuck Palahniuk’s anti-consumerism imagery and a working argument naming […]

Alum Gets Fired Up Over IV Couch Burnings

Every time I walk down Sueno, no matter what I was thinking about before, I start viciously fantasizing about yelling at kids to get off my lawn … I mean streets. You might not have noticed this, but look down next time you’re walking around I.V. See those gritty, vaguely rectangular potholes? See all 15 […]

A Letter from End Fake Clinics

We are End Fake Clinics. We are feminists. We are queer. We are students. We are for reproductive justice. The reproductive justice approach to activism historically arose from the perspectives of women of color as a way to push the mainstream reproductive rights movement beyond their focus on abortion and birth control. Women of color […]

Concerned Alum Speaks Out Against SB’s Gang Induction

LTE- Gang Injunction   In 2011 Police Chief Sanchez, along with Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office, filed a civil legal action against 30 Santa Barbara residents who are allegedly members of the Santa Barbara Eastside and Westside gangs. The injunction proposed that these individuals not be allowed in certain parts of Santa Barbara, which […]

UC Spokesperson Challenges Claims Against “Digital Education”

Patrick Sheehan’s May 3 Op-Ed, “From the Makers of Massive Budget Cuts: A Digital Education,” is based on the incorrect assumption that the University of California Board of Regents and administration are pursuing online education as a solution to $900 million in state funding cuts. The regents support the exploration of possible benefits of online […]

Gaucho de Mayo: Beyond Shots and Sombreros

I know Cinco de Mayo is approaching when sombreros are being sold on campus, when supermarkets begin to dress their aisles in sarapes and when themed parties begin to overflow the streets of Isla Vista. On the surface, these things may appear to be a celebration of Mexican culture and lifestyle, bringing students together over […]

From the Makers of Massive Budget Cuts: A Digital Education

From the makers of massive budget cuts: a digital education   Over the last four years, the top managers of the UC system — the governor and the UC Regents — have launched an accelerating effort to make online courses a bigger part of the UC curriculum. It started in 2009, in response to crippling […]

Student and Mother Calls for Affordable Childcare at UCSB

I am a master’s degree student at UCSB. I have a 2-year-old son who is in the White Door of the Orfalea Family Children’s Center. Recently, I heard that the university is going to cancel the daycare fee for students. Please don’t! My husband is a postdoctoral researcher at UCLA. I am not a TA […]

Left Said Tackles Divestment

Some will remember the commotion a few weeks back surrounding a resolution proposed to our student government that would have the university divest from American companies who profit from internationally recognized human rights abuses when their technology is used by Israel to subdue the Palestinian population. With the resolution’s defeat, I propose we consider some […]

Voices on Voting: Student Backs TBL, Independent Media

We as students face a continuing uphill battle to protect our rights to information even though we attend a public institution. Whether it be information about increasing student fees, cuts to classes, cuts to administrative services, or the way in which the money we pay for our education is used by our institution. This is […]

A.S. Officers Band Together, Back Foronda as President

During every election cycle at UCSB, students are inundated with an immense amount of information. While standing in support of healthy dialogue as a learning process, we as the 2012-13 A.S. Executive Officers have decided to submit comment with respect to A.S. matters in pursuit of providing correct information to students. What follows includes responses […]

WGSE, Striving for “More Than ‘Adequacy’”

We, A.S. Womyn’s Commission, A.S. Queer Commission, End Fake Clinics, Take Back the Night, Voices for Planned Parenthood and The Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity Department, are extremely frustrated and disappointed with your decision on April 22, to not endorse the proposed fee increase for The Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity Department. In your reasoning […]


Bitcoin: All That Glitters Isn’t Always Gold

On Monday, I accidentally showed up around thirty minutes early to my 12:30 p.m. history class. The time was just short enough to force me to stay in Phelps Hall, but not long enough to do anything. So I decided to do the usual and crack out my laptop to browse Facebook and Reddit. It […]