UCSB’s Free Speech Problem

Jason Garshfield raises the issue of UCSB’s recently changed FIRE rating.

What the Abortion Debate is Really About

Carlos Flores explains his support for the sanctity of life in the abortion debate.

S.B. en Solidaridad con Ayotzinapa

In this Letter to the Editor, SB con Ayotzinapa explains why it’s time for a change in Mexico.

Promote Direct Relief, Not Paranoia

A student shares his personal experience with the ebola crisis, including insights gained from witnessing the response of the U.S. public to this global threat.

The Truth About the “Facts”: Why We Need to Vote Yes on P next Tuesday

Gauchos Against Fracking explains why it is absolutely crucial that the community rally in support of Measure P on the November 4th election.

Retraction, My Ass: Why the Nexus Shouldn’t have Taken Down that Nexustentialism Piece

Alum Matt Javidi admonishes the Nexus editors responsible for retracting “ISIS Seizes FT, Establishes Gaucho Caliphate.”

Vote No on P, Curb Collateral Damage

In this Letter to the Editor, alum Julie Wage asks whether supporters of Measure P understand the scope of their decision.

Environmentalist and Against Measure P

A student questions the real benefits of banning high-intensity gas and oil operations listed under Measure P, and finds too many costs.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, A Call to the Classroom

Claudio Estrada explains just how crucial education has been in his success and how he sees its importance every day, working as an assistant principal in Los Angeles.

Student Activist Reflects on People’s Climate March

Katie Koerper describes her experience at the People’s Climate March, and urges the UCSB community to become active in combatting climate change.

Yes on Measure P

UCSB Professor Emerita Catherine Gautier explains her reasons for supporting Measure P

No on Measure P

Local resident Glen Battles explains her reasons to reject Measure P.

Alumnus’ Open Letter to Current Students

UCSB Alumnus Isaac Villa addresses members of the UCSB and Isla Vista communities.

Dysfunctional Districts

Matthew Meyer explains the major problems with the process of drawing up congressional districts.

Lean and Green: No Beef with Meatless Mondays

Now that meat-substitutes are more available and popular than ever, swapping animal flesh with healthy vegetarian options doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. Eddie Garza explains how going meatless is the best choice for the environment, your health and your taste buds.