Into The Wild

You’re a Boat-Ride From Bliss (No Passport Required): Santa Cruz Island

A short 19 miles away lays a national park with rich biodiversity, incredible topography, stunning views and a hell of a history. It has its own endemic and distinctive species, and it boasts over 2,0...
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Throw It Back to the Good Ol’ Days at Santa Ynez Mountains’ Natural Playground

March Madness, the Masters and Deltopia have all come and gone. Coachella is coming up, but it will pass too. With fleeting forms of entertainment coming and going, it’s assuring to know that we hav...
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“As the Ominous Cloud of Finals Approaches, Take Shelter in the Great Outdoors”

Do you stress over upcoming finals? Is the apprehension burning you out? Do you find yourself pining to relieve built up anxiety over the readings and preparation required? If you answered yes to any ...
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Leave Santa Barbara’s Child’s Play Behind: Head to Death Valley

Santa Barbara is a modern day Elysium for any college student, and all you have to do is step outside your door to figure out that much. Isla Vista has A-OK weather, prime placement between the beach ...
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Don’t Be Afraid to Take the Long Way Home from Knapp’s Castle

There is a point in some hikes when doubt creeps in and you question whether you are on the right trail or not. When you choose a path at a fork in the road, sometimes a premonition will creep in and,...
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Forget Campus, Tackle Tequepis Trail Instead

It’s a new year and only two weeks into the new quarter you may have found yourself already behind schedule on the 2 million pages of reading your professors have so thoughtfully deemed necessary. T...
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Exploring the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

Walking through Isla Vista, one notices a common theme draped across balconies and hung up in living rooms: the American flag. It makes me proud to see that “The Stars and Stripes” have become a s...
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Accomplished Seven Falls? Add Cathedral Peak to Your Bucket List

Everyone has their own personal well of strength that they draw from. They draw from its depths in everyday life and during hardships. It is the strength from this well that pushes us to not just surv...
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Explore Beyond the Vortex of Drunkenness: Break Out of I.V. and Into the Wild

Not to be completely obvious, but we live in a unique environment. Isla Vista crams around 12,000 students into two square miles filled with endless Snappa, fine eateries, carnal pursuits and good ol...
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