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The Nutrition Edition: Because You Are What You Eat

  Are bananas the worst fruit in terms of health value? There is no such thing as a bad fruit. Bananas are fabulous! It all depends on how you define worst, which in turn depends on what nutrient...
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Your Health Questions, Answered:

I’m so stressed out about graduating that I can’t focus to get my reading done. Do you think I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)? ADHD is usually something that occurs in several settings (ac...
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Opana, Alcohol and Adderall: More Reasons Why Prescription Meds and Booze Make a Fatal Cocktail

Q:     One of my friends was drinking at a party and took a drug called “Opana” and almost died.  What is that, and why does it seem so dangerous? A: Your friend is very lucky.  He/She cou...
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