Sex and Meningitis

Dr. Ali Javanbakht of UCSB’s Medical Health Services gives some background on Meningitis B at UCSB.

Prepping for Primary Care

Medical director of Student Health Ali Javanbakht demystifies the simple process of getting a primary care provider on campus

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Supplements: Worth the Cost?

Getting pumped to down another protein shake? The experts at Student Health and Wellness suggest you think about a

The Doc Is In: Meditation Education

The Docs tell you how and why you should be meditating everyday — especially in times of stress!

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It’s Just Marijuana

Dr. Feliciano gives some insight into the risks and rewards of smoking Marijuana.

Four Things You Probably Didn’t know About Sleep

The doctor recommends a good night’s sleep

Staying Healthy the Easy Way

Here are some practical ways you can stay healthy this quarter and avoid lost time spent recovering from illnesses. All of these things really do affect your body’s ability to fight off any infections you encounter: Really Easy -Get enough sleep -Eat regularly -Be happy, reduce stress Little More Difficult -Wash hands after all physical […]

Hangover Supplements: Quick Relief or Quackery?

Student Health dietitian Betsy Reynolds-Malear cautions against relying on hangover supplements to counteract a night of heavy drinking.

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One and Done: How Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils Could Save Your Life

Independently, drugs and alcohol can be damaging enough, but when taken in tandem, the results can be fatal.

Coachillin’ With the Docs : The Prescribed Guide to Keeping Your Festival Experiences Festive

A student/doctor collaboration geared towards getting you ready for your festival circuit.

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Shots, Shots, Shots! Everybody!

MenB vaccines are available starting today! Student Health answers your FAQs about the big shot.

Nicotine Questions: Answered

The Docs explain the dangers of nicotine use and the reasons behind its UC-wide ban.

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doc is in

Drugs and Alcohol: A Deadly Duo

We all know that mixing drugs and alcohol is risky business, but here’s exactly how big of a risk you’re actually taking.

Being Smart With Supplements

In this week’s column, the doctors explain the benefits and potential dangers of using supplements.

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How to Have a Happy, Healthy Halloween

This Halloween, plan ahead, so that your dumb brain doesn’t go in to YOLO mode.