Visual Art

The Taboo Reimagined: Eric Beltz and The Cave of Treasures

It was hard to miss the poison oak plant sitting in the middle of The Cave of Treasures, but some of the other elements associated with danger in the installation were subtler. The Cave of Treasures, ...
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MCC Art Exhibit Hosts African Diaspora Images of Zéna Allen

Time and time again, the MultiCultural Center transforms itself into unique spaces for poetry, visual art, music and overall cultural education. At this very second, the ordinarily bare walls of the M...
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Cecco del Caravaggio’s Resurrection: A Tale of Renaissance Art and Enlightenment in the 21st Century

One aspect of university life that is undeniably great, unique and often overlooked is the cultural opportunities afforded to students outside of the seemingly rigid school/party dichotomy. In additio...
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Trash to Treasures: Local Artist David Diamant’s Recycled Art

In downtown Santa Barbara, beautiful artworks and murals cover building walls and fences, surrounding the areas close to the beach. There you may catch local artist David Diamant showing off his lates...
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L.A. Museum Guide

Two weeks into school and you’re already swamped with readings, bored of lectures and disinterested in anything that involves effort. This lack of motivation is obviously not the best way to start t...
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50 Years in the Making: Architect Barton Myers’s Retrospective

Between now and Dec. 12, UCSB’s Art, Design, and Architecture Museum (AD&A) is hosting an exhibition titled “Barton Myers: Works of Architecture and Urbanism” — a retrospective based on My...
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From Childhood, to College, to Cartooning: An Evening with Matt Groening and Lynda Barry

When Matt Groening and Lynda Barry stepped onto the stage of the Arlington Theatre on Friday, Oct. 10, it was in a style only two cartoonists could pull off: wearing knit hats shaped like “Futurama...
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