Performing Art

Slip ‘n Slides, Rubber Ducks and Near-Nakedness: Pilobolus Dance Theater Captivates the Granada

As dismayed as I was by the absurd amount of stairs my lazy self had to climb to get to my seat, sitting in the highest section of the Granada Theatre to watch Pilobolus Dance Theatre on Monday, Nov. ...
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Alafia Dance Ensemble Brought Rhythms to Share at the MCC

The first thing I noticed upon entering the MCC Theatre on Friday night, Nov. 14, was the set of percussionist instruments arrayed onstage. The drums themselves were to be expected, for the performers...
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Cirque de Freq Proves Itself as an Antidote from I.V. Halloween

On Halloween night, thousands of students fled Isla Vista to get their kicks in places where noise ordinances, Orwellian police density and the sort of people that stay in Isla Vista for Halloween are...
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UCSB Alum Talks About Upcoming Show with Pilobolus Dance Theater

Dartmouth College students founded Pilobolus Dance Theatre in 1971. Artistic directors Michael Tracy and Robby Barnett were both part of the original PDT group, along with Jonathen Wolken, who passed ...
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Arlington Theatre Shocked by Batsheva Dance Company’s “Sadeh21”

There was no warning that the show had started. I was sitting in the audience waiting to see the Batsheva Dance Company perform at the Arlington theatre on Tuesday, Nov. 4, admiring the vast sense of ...
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Keep the Party Going: Halloween Dance Moves

Ah, Halloween. The one day a year when cosplayers are the top dogs of the night. What else, apart from a comic-con worthy costume, could you possibly need for Halloween to be the best that it can be? ...
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Diane Rodriguez, How Saying No to No Paved Her Way to Success

Being told no is no fun. It’s something that everyone can agree on. It makes you sad. It makes you wonder why, and it can defeat you if you let it. At this year’s “Kick-Off” for the Theater an...
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A Mid-Autumn Midsummer

The course of true love never did run smooth, but the course of Naked Shakes’ fall production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” certainly did. Naked Shakes, in the words of Director Irwin Appel, ...
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Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus: The Rise and Fall of Mozart and Salieri

From the melody of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to his “Requiem Mass in D Minor,” the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is forever imprinted in our culture. Peter Shaffer’s 1979 play “Am...
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