Mitchell Kriegman Explains It All: Eight Rules for a Creative Person to Live By

Mitchell Kriegman, writer and creator of popular television shows “Clarissa Explains it All,” “Bear in the Big Blue House” and “Doug,” spoke in I.V. Theater on Friday Nov. 7 about his expe...
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No Time to Write a Novel Like the Present: Advice to Get Started on Nanowrimo

  With tips provided by: Ashley Ong (freshman, physics major), Jason Chun (Freshman, English major), Sarah Ziemer (Freshman, Biopsychology) and Allegra Bottlik (UCSB graduate, creative writer) &n...
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Hear I.V.: Talented Pianist Joins in on I.V. Jam Session

I’m swimming through the streets of IV on my fixie and the cacophony of the undulating music blended by the town’s residents is harsh. This is a daily experience that intrigues me so much that I h...
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Exclusive Interview with Margo Rey: Singer Songwriter Shares Life Lessons

“According to my mother, I sang as an infant,” Margo Rey, a singer-songwriter reigning from Arlington, Texas, revealed to me when our interview began. “My very first live performance was when I ...
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Yellow Red Sparks Fly as The Kinds Join In at Muddy Waters

Making my way past the shelves of knick-knacks and through the powerful aroma of coffee sizzling in the air, I found a cramped spot in the crowded coffee shop to catch two shows — The Kinds and Yell...
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‘(500) Days of Summer’ Writer Discusses Heartbreak and Growth

“You can’t make someone love you, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t love out there in the world for you,” professed screenwriter Scott Neustadter on Saturday, Oct. 12 at UCSB. Pollock Theate...
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Community Gathers for ‘Meet Your Neighbors Day’

The first annual Isla Vista “Meet Your Neighbors Day” was held throughout I.V. this past Saturday and drew hundreds of students and community members to various parks in the area.
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Nonprofit Bigwig Speaks at Campbell

Walter Isaacson, current president and CEO of the nonprofit Aspen Institute and renowned author, spoke at Campbell Hall on Thursday about his new book entitled The Innovators: How a Group of Inven...
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