Come One, Come All! The IV Housing Circus Is Back In Town

With Community Housing Office (CHO) as your ringleader, you won’t get “clowned” during the Isla Vista housing shuffle. Here are some dos and don’ts regarding choosing roommates, finding a place and signing a lease: DO attend CHO’s Rental Faire (11am-2pm at the Arbor Walk) THIS THURSDAY. This is an event that allows students to meet […]

Whether You’re on Your Roof or Your Rent Is Through It, CHO Is Here with Answers

When is the best time to start searching for housing in Isla Vista? We’ve all heard “the early bird gets the worm,” but when it comes to housing for next year in I.V. and all of the other options you might want to consider, there are plenty of plump, juicy worms all throughout the year. […]

Freshmen, All Aboard! UCSB Housing Coordinator Offers Tips for Smooth Sailing Roommate-ships

The warm breeze, the ocean views, the scent of salt water as it mixes with the morning fog… Ahhh yes, summer in Santa Barbara. Don’t let moving in with your new roommates become a cold, unwelcome splash in the face! Whether you are moving into a university residence hall, a university apartment, or a private […]

Go Green or Go Home

Although Earth Day is not until April, Community Housing Offices likes to be ahead of the game and celebrate Going Green during March, when wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day makes us think of going green in our rental homes. Although renters may feel that they have less of an opportunity to make changes in […]

Roommateships with BFFs

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic relationships. Community Housing Office (CHO) is going to take this time to address some of those other wonderful relationships in your life- your friends! Does Best Friend = Best Roommate? You know your best friend’s heartbreaks and crushes, most embarrassing Isla Vista moments, wild career aspirations, favorite midnight munchies, […]

The “Dos” and “Don’ts” of House Hunting

[media-credit name=”Natalie O” align=”aligncenter” width=”250″][/media-credit]They roar like wildfire through the residence halls, they have Isla Vista residents abuzz, they have property providers scrambling, and they have the Community Housing Office scratching their heads. What are “they,” you ask? “They” are the rumors about the necessity of find housing in Isla Vista so soon! Students! Take […]


Know the Difference Between Ghoulish and Foolish This Halloween

Halloween is a spooky-fun time loved by young and old. There is something nostalgic about the goofy and creative costumes, the cool fall air, flickering jack-o-lanterns and so much candy your teeth hurt. Community Housing Office hopes Halloween 2011 brings more treats than tricks and your ghoulish holiday isn’t spoiled by a stern warning (or […]

The Honeymoon’s Over and Your Roommate Sucks: Now What?

New rental, new landlord, new roommate(s), new neighbors, not to mention all the changes to get used to with the start of school … Aghhh! When will all this newness and change end? Hate to break it to ya, but it never ends. Life is about adapting, reevaluating and going with the flow. I can’t […]

Learning the Legal Language of the Lease Agreement

Unless you are an attorney, reading over your new lease can feel like you are trying to read a foreign language!

Sign on the Dotted Line

The Community Housing Office (CHO) is hosting their annual Rental Faire House Party today from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Corwin Pavilion in the UCen.

Frugal Strategies to Save Your Holiday Savings

With the holidays quickly approaching and Fall Quarter nearing an end, money woes have likely given you a permanent sinking feeling in the pit of your belly.

The Solutions to Your Mid-Quarter Housing Woes

With Halloween just past us and the holidays right around the corner, it is about that time of year where it feels like the “honeymoon” with your roommates and your rental is over.

CHO Offers Helpful Tips to Avoid Halloween Hell

The Community Housing Office (CHO) is no stranger to the fact that Isla Vista and Halloween are virtually synonymous.

When the Housing Situation Becomes Messier Than the House

Fall Quarter is in full swing and the Community Housing Office hopes your living situation is still going smoothly.

Community Housing Office Navigates Housing Cycle

The Community Housing Office (CHO) wants to welcome you back to UCSB!