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(Re)introducing Question Authority

Run into trouble with the law, or just wondering what your legal rights really are? Lt. Signa is asking for your questions!

The UCSB Halloween How-to: An officer’s tips for surviving the weekend

Lieutenant Mark Signa gives you the tips you need to navigate Isla Vista this Halloween.

Question Authority Returns

In his first entry since transitioning from Sergeant to Lieutenant in the UCPD, Lt. Mark Signa gives incoming and continuing students some advice and invites readers to “Question Authority.”

‘How Can We Do Better?’

This week, Sgt. Mark Signa is the one posing a big question.

Question Authority
Question Authority

No Locks, No Problem?

Sgt. Signa dispels Isla Vista’s belief in the idea of a “community bike.”

Fighting and the Boundaries of Self Defense

Sgt. Signa explains why fighting is never a good call and why claiming self defense is not always enough.

Question Authority

Sgt. Signa Enters the Lion’s Den

Sgt. Mark Signa knows that the streets of I.V. can be mean, but there are always heroes among us.

Sergeant Signa Still ‘Nose’ Best

Sgt. Mark Signa is all hopped up on painkillers and ready to tell you why you shouldn’t abuse painkillers.

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Sergeant Signa Pays It Forward

Sgt. Mark Signa thinks that this is the most wonderful time of the year.

Common Misconceptions vs. Your Legal Rights

Sergeant Mark Signa explains that sometimes you are not right about your rights.

Question Authority

Question Authority: Sergeant Signa’s Halloween How-To

Sergeant Mark Signa explains how to survive this year’s Halloween celebration.

Insider Tips from Sergeant Signa

Sgt. Mark Signa gives you the “do’s and don’ts” for avoiding run-ins with the law.

You Question, Authority Answers

Some may call it being lazy, but I get some of my best ideas while dreaming. Those of you who have read some of my previous articles probably recognize that my train of thought lies more in the realm of Oz and Wonderland than in the “real” world, but so far it seems to have […]

Question Authority: Adderall, Tickets and Going 66

I had the distinct honor of being able to talk to a great group of students last week in a class I was asked to come speak in. Even though for some crazy reason they have asked me to come back and talk with the class several times over the last few, I still have […]

Question Authority: Sergeant Signa Fields Your Questions from Sin City

I don’t know what started it, but I seem to have this really serious need to express my love of cheese. Cheeseburger, cheese pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, cream cheese on bagels, cheesecake, mac and cheese and, of course, cheesy movies. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has read any of my previous […]