Editors Said, Byrdman Said

Experience, consistency, defense, balance... Ginobili! With the exception of the latter, none of these things are particularly glamorous when talking about pro basketball. That being said, they can an...
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The Great Debate

There is always a heavily debated topic among basketball enthusiasts surrounding the question, "Who is better: Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?"
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I Got Hoes: A Clarification

There has been some recent controversy concerning my last article in the Daily Nexus. The three or four people who have approached me about it are the ones that I appreciate the most, because they gav...
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I Got Hoes

Editors' Note: Jesse Byrd is a junior forward on the men's basketball team. He's also a talented writer, so we convinced him to start writing for Nexus Sports. Here's his first column:
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