Three-Hour Tour

As a college student, the food selection in Isla Vista can get tiresome, especially when we consider ordering a steak at Chili's as going out on a culinary limb. For a truly unique dining experience, ...
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Cancer Expert Lectures About Latest Innovation

Though viruses are generally feared, scientists have begun finding ways to use them in the fight against cancer.
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Frat To Offer Food, Dance, Election Info

Politics, Freebirds and dancing typically don't enter spheres of influence, but tonight the unlikely tripod will encourage smarter, savvier and less apathetic voters to perform their civic duty.
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Dash Supports Cancer Charity

Approximately 320 runners took to the streets of Isla Vista and UCSB on Saturday for the 6th annual Kappa Dash in an effort to raise money to benefit breast and ovarian cancer research. Kappa Kappa Ga...
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Coalition Calls for Rape Truce, Assault-Free Day

In preparation for what they have declared as a rape and sexual assault-free weekend, members of Students Stopping Rape will table in front of the Women's Center this week to educate passersby on how ...
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