1. Studying. Just think how many more people could fit into the library during midterms and finals weeks if we all contorted into little nooks to do our studying! Besides, wouldn’t the library be so much more effective if the shelves were stocked with studious students rather than the books no one uses to study from?Studying Dancers
  2. Procrastinating. Don’t like studying? This article may still apply to you! If you are adamantly against doing your work, no one is going to tell you sleeping is a waste of time. But how much cooler would you be if you turned into a human hammock in your sleep? Just think it over … think of the abs and back muscle tone you would get from sleeping like this.Procrastinating Dancer
  3. Catching Up. We have all been late for something or other. The bus, a date, a midterm or, heaven forbid, an online due date. If you’re late completing ALEKS homework, dancers don’t know how to help you. For everything else, however, those puny steps you take are going to take you nowhere no time soon. With a run like this, though, you can be anywhere, anytime. Probably sweaty, but on time.Catching Up Dancer
  4. Cooling Down. Heading the other way, if you are taking advantage of the absolutely gorgeous beaches and strikingly un-February-esque weather as of late, laud your enjoyment of UCSB’s eternal summer weather to the less fortunate and get out to that beachside. This photo was taken in Half Moon Bay; just think how much more excited this guy would have been to be here in Santa Barbara!Cooling Down Dancer
  5. Showering. After all that moving about to get to class or the beach, it’s time for a shower. For many of us, shower time is synonymous with sing-that-one-chorus-of-that-one-song-stuck-in-my-brain-at-the-top-of-my-lungs time. Needless to say, jamming out as shown is dancer level Number Hella-high. To maximize your enjoyment of your mini jam session, please master all previous dancer levels before attempting this one.Showering Dancer
  6. Shopping. While pretty much everyone is just barely affording textbooks every quarter, a little shopping here and there never hurt, right? But there’s no point in going shopping if you don’t take the time to show off your style. In shoes, perhaps! Unless you’re in crocs. In that case maybe you should put more securely attached shoes on your feet before attempting to show off like this.Shopping Dancer
  7. Seeing Green. The downtown setting might not be your thing. Maybe you love the trails and campsites available to Gauchos in the nearby mountains. Nature is so much cooler when you can defy gravity and enjoy it from a jump-high view.Seeing Green Dancer
  8. Spreading Out. We can’t always be having fun; as students at one of the top 10 public universities, we gotta work sometimes. This doesn’t mean style can’t come into play. Whether you’re working with a chalkboard or what could be coined a sea of notes, having the span of reach that this guy does comes in great use when you have too much to do. No need to waste time scooting the few feet between that research for art history and the Facebook window open on your laptop! Procrastination couldn’t get easier.Spreading Out Dancer
  9. Sneak a Kiss. Woo a lover’s hat off with this smooth and easy hide-your-PDA technique! In Santa Barbara, no one carries umbrellas around, so finding suave alternatives such as a very large plant may be a less cumbersome way of carrying out this to-swoon-for plan.Sneaking a Kiss Dancer
  10. Don’t Bother Sneaking, Just Kiss! If that large plant just won’t do for you and your boo, scrap it altogether. The lovely person you are needs no bush to hide behind!Not Sneaking DAncer


All pictures are credited to Jordan Matter’s Dancers Among Us. For more information and to see more of his beautiful photos, visit dancersamongus.com.